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How can you help authors?

We can search physically or online for resources. We also offer post-draft fact-checking and market research services.

What are your prices?

We price based on project or custom need, so it is worth a discussion first in most cases. Student pricing is on the Graduate Student Services page.

How can you help businesses?

We can conduct market research and competitive analysis, find the pain points in your industry, and provide solutions for what keeps you up at night.

Can you write my dissertation for me?

No, as that is not ethical and would not allow you to defend it properly. However, we can coach you through most of the chapters, or refer you to additional resources.

Is hiring a coach for a graduate school paper ethical?

Yes, every student can use extra help especially when they have limited resources available at their campus. We do not write the paper, but we do coach you through the written and citation portions.

How do you help grad students?

We can physically search for resources (in print) as well as provide online search services in scholarly databases. We can tutor and offer guidance in your graduate program experience and refer you to support resources as warranted. We provide literature review and grant search coaching and assistance. We help you write research papers according to the common citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, AMA, among others).

Why do you help grad students?

We understand the frustration of returning to graduate school and not having the support you need. Many times students do not have or are not aware of the services available to them and professors are not there to hold their hands. Writing and research instruction is many times limited or not available. Students may not have the time or capacity to complete their projects with the little guidance they are receiving (especially if they are also working while going to school). We help fill that gap.

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